NF Diesel Injector Cleaner

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NF Additives

NF 3-in-1 Cleaners contain scientifically formulated high strength cleaning agents that clean your entire fuel system. NF 3-in-1's unmatched strength removes gum and varnish build up, cleans fouled or sticky injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. To maintain a clean fuel system, it is recommended to add NF 3-in-1 Cleaner to your fuel at least every 10 tanks (NF 3-in-1 can be added to every tank if desired).

NF Diesel 3-in-1 Cleaner

  • Restores acceleration & performance
  • Helps reduce hesitations
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • Non-Flammable
  • Treats up to 100 litres