BG Syncro Shift® II Full Synthetic Gear Oil 946ml


BG Products

BG Syncro Shift® II Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant is specially formulated for manual transmissions, transaxles, Haldex Units and transfer cases. It is a full synthetic API GL-4 gear lubricant blended to SAE 75W-80 viscosity to provide unmatched film strength and wear protection. It provides exceptional resistance to mechanical shearing, and has excellent low temperature fluidity and is safe for all steel, brass, and copper alloys. 

BG Syncro Shift® II may be effectively used in all vehicles where engine oil, ATF or GL-4 gear oil is specified as “service fill” for manual transmissions. 

Compatible and suitable for use where Ford XT-11-QDC (Spec. WSS-M2C200-D2), GM Auto Trak I and II, GM Versa Trak, GM Synchro-mesh, GM PN 12345349 (specification 9985648), GM Transfer Case Fluid PN 88861950, Mopar PN 04874464, PN 05016796AB, PN 05016796AC, PN 05170055AB, PN 05179014AA, PN 68001758AA, PN 68089195AA, PN 68092630AA, Motorcraft XL-12, Acura DPSF, Honda Dual Pump, Honda Dual Pump II, Honda VTM-4 and Mercedes Benz PN 900260315 are specified.