ECS Tuning Carbon Fibre Coolant Tank Covers - MQB Models ECS-ES3575771


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If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to enhance your underhood appearance or if your engine bay could use a touch of premium carbon fiber then we have you COVERED! Our ECS Tuning in-house designed and engineered Carbon Fiber Expansion Tank Cover Kit features precision 3D designed, gloss clear-coated carbon fiber overlays that simply lay over top of your OEM expansion tank and enhances the underhood appeal while covering up the ugly, grey plastic coolant tank.

Our precisely modeled 2-piece overlays feature a smooth, appealing exterior design with provisions machined for clearance on OE features such as coolant hose connections and the coolant level sensor. Pre-applied high-temperature automotive-grade 3M foam tape ensures the parts stay in position while creating a great seal between the upper and lower covers.


Designed in-house using state of the art 3D laser scanning and CAD technology for precision fitment

Made from lightweight, hand-laid epoxy resin pre-impregnated 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber cloth and autoclave cured. Clear coated for excellent finish durability and UV resistance.

Hides the ugly, grey plastic expansion tank

Pre-applied foam tape creates a lasting connection to the expansion tank while creating a seal between the upper/lower covers. 3M foam tape is resistant to the continuous heat in the engine bay and is resistant to chemical degradation.

Lug features on the upper overlay covers the expansion tank vent and create a unique stylistic design

Incorporated sight-window allows visibility of coolant level with both covers installed

Expansion tank mounting bolts remain accessible, allowing removal of expansion tank while keeping the covers in place

Compatible with the following expansion tank caps: OEM, Audi R8, Porsche 991 and Gen3 "B"