Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W40 5L Pack


Fuchs Oil

Titan Race Pro S 5W40 is an Ester / PAO based fully synthetic motor oil formulated to give maximum protection during periods of fast road, track day and competition use. Titan Pro Race S oil is suitable for use in modern cars and is highly recommended for high performance and tuned engines.

Race Pro S 5W40 Ester synthetic is a high performance engine oil that provides optimum protection for extended engine life and reliability. The oil exceeds the performance requirements of virtually all engine manufacturers. This oil combines exceptional anti-wear performance and outstanding high temperature protection with excellent cold start characteristics. Suitable for use in turbocharged and normally aspirated, diesel and petrol engines to ensure continued maximum fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Pro S 5W40 offers outstanding wear protection and excellent high temperature stability even under arduous racing conditions.