Racingline Performance RP700 Front Brake Pads – MQB Platform 312x25mm Disc


Racingline Performance

Set of Racingline Performance RP700 front brake pads to suit 312x25mm disc. Suitable for Mk7 2.0TDI inc GTD GTI non-PP, 8V A3, Leon 2.0TDI, some Octavia models plus various other MQB platform cars. If you are in doubt about fitment for your car please get in touch.


Drive your car hard and the chances are you’ve experienced brake fade at some point. That’s where our High Performance RP700 Brake Pads come in. A straight replacement for your factory pads, using the standard brakes, yet delivering a much higher resistance to high temperature fade. You will gain a lot of performance with our upgraded brake pad set. These new High Performance RP700 Brake Pads use an advanced high friction material to provide a dramatic improvement in the braking department.

  • Ideal for demanding driving. Perfect for fast road driving and occasional track day use. Yet without any compromise in daily driving
  • Designed for use with your car’s factory brake hardware – simple direct replacement fitment
  • Extensive testing of our RP700 compound has found the sweet-spot between excellent cold bite and high temp fade resistance
  • A key development focus has been around perfecting pedal feel – resulting in progressive braking with unparalleled pedal response
  • Available as sets of front pads or rear pads, with multiple applications (see below). Unlike other aftermarket pad brands, we offer two choices of rear pad, to suit either ventilated or solid rear discs.