Racingline Performance Turbo Inlet Hose and Elbow Kit EVO EA888 Gen 4 Garrett Turbo


Racingline Performance

Racingline Turbo Inlet EVO EA888 Gen.4 Engines with Garrett Turbos


Release power with the 2.0 TSI gen 4 Turbo Inlet System. A significantly enlarged airflow path from intake straight into turbo. For the Garrett turbo (lower output) 245ps engines such as Golf 8 GTI, Audi A3, Leon Cupra and Octavia vRS only.

Our new Turbo Inlet System for the 245PS MQB ‘EVO’ cars such as Golf 8 GTI is a matched package of our much larger diameter, free flowing Turbo 90 Inlet paired with reinforced Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose for much higher airflow between intake and turbo.

  • The factory inlet forces the airflow to pass through the restrictive plastic ‘bellows’ pipe, before tapering right down to run through a tight and restrictive plastic turbo inlet – in other words, terrible for flow.
  • The RacingLine Turbo Inlet System replaces this pipework with a larger diameter smooth-flowing silicon hose mated to a larger diameter thin-wall free flowing intake elbow.
  • The internal diameter of the Turbo 90 Inlet is massively increased from 62.5mm on the factory part right up to 76mm.
  • It’s by combining the two parts of the kit that’s allowed us to enlarge the diameter of both the Inlet and the Hose so much – and so give the maximum possible gains.
  • Put simply, without it, you’re wasting much of the potential of your high-flow intake system without fitting this Turbo Inlet System. An essential upgrade!

Confirmed Applications

VW Golf 8 GTI 2020+
VW Tiguan II 2.0 TSI 245ps 2021+

Audi A3 2.0 TSI 8Y 2020+
Audi TT 45 TFSI 2.0 TSI 8S 2021+
Audi Q3 45 TFSI 2.0 TSI 2018+

Cupra Leon IV 245 TSI FW 2020+
Cupra Formentor 245PS 2020+

SEAT Tarraco FR Sport 2.0 TSI 245ps 2021+

Skoda Octavia IV vRS 2.0 TSI 245ps NX 2020+