Revo Audi RS3 8V Brake Disc Upgrade - Save With Fitting!



The Audi RS3 comes with a fairly substantial 8-pot brake setup straight from the factory. Whilst the stock caliper works very well the same can’t be said for the discs or the factory specification pads that seem to perform best at lower temperatures or very light road use. The factory 370mm 'wavy' discs certainly look the part but the design flaw is that both discs are identical; when fitted, the cooling vanes in the right-hand disc face the wrong direction and do not offer any cooling benefit. The excessive heat this generates combined with the factory pad compound causes big issues with braking efficiency and longevity of the disc and pads.

The Revo disc upgrade is designed to directly replace the stock discs and comes complete and ready to fit with left and right-handed, directional 380mm two-piece floating discs. Saving 1.2 Kg each side the disc not only weighs less than the OEM part but also features much larger, more efficient cooling veins individually designed for each side of the vehicle to ensure even braking performance, pad wear and cooling capability. This is a premium upgrade that should have come from the factory. As the Revo discs dissipate heat much more efficiently the factory pad compound works much better in real world conditions, only when you’re using the vehicle on the track would we recommend considering a different pad altogether.