SuperPro VAG MQB Lightweight Alloy Lower Front Control Arm Kit



SuperPro's lightweight alloy front control arm kits deliver more caster, camber and eliminate unwanted flex.

Exclusive to SuperPro, their alloy arms feature DuroBall rear bushings which are spherical joints embedded in the firm's unique Polyurethane for incredible control without introducing noise, vibration or harshness.

These arms are the best upgrade available. Caster and camber increase gives more steering weight and feel as well as more fun.

ALOY0018K offers a 38% weight saving over the OE arms, increased strength, increased caster, increased camber and much longer service life than the standard factory arms...and they look incredible too!

SuperPro Tip:
Care needs to be taken with aggressively lowered vehicles with non standard tyre and wheel packages to avoid tyre/guard contact.

We also offer standard alignment steel front control arms (TRC1070-MOD) for the same MQB-chassis vehicles which, although they are heavier and don't feature caster increase bushes / anti-lift, they do have upgraded SuperPro bushes so will be a long-lasting simple upgrade.

Caster Increase Alloy Arm with DuroBall Rear Bushing & built in Camber Change Control Arm