VAGSport VW Golf Mk7/7.5 ‘R’ AUDI S3 8V 2012+ Resonator Delete Pipe Kit



Volkswagen Golf Mk7/7.5 R AUDI S3 8V Res Delete Pipe

Golf Mk7 ‘R’ (300PS) 2013-2015
Golf Mk7 ‘R’ (310PS) 2016-Present
Golf Mk7.5 ‘R’ (300PS) 2013-2015
Golf Mk7.5 ‘R'(310PS) 2016-Present
Audi S3 8V 2012- Present
Golf Mk7 ‘R’ Estate Models
Golf Mk7.5 ‘R’ Estate Models


This kit replaces the standard centre resonator in the exhaust system which usually reduces exhaust notes by filtering the flow, causing a turbulent air flow. By removing it and replacing it with one of our kits you can increase your exhaust flow to enhance the exhaust note and increase performance.

Quite simply our kits are designed for the person who wants an increase in performance and sound without the cost involved with a full replacement exhaust system. With the incredible flexibility of restoring the car to its original state with no lasting changes, removing the need to void any warranties or agreements.